Battle of the Books



2011- 2012 Important Dates:

August- Form teams and READ, READ, READ!

August 29th:  Students begin taking Reading Counts Tests

September- READ, READ, READ!

October 3rd-Let the Battles begin!

4 Teams with the top combined score will have a semi-final Battle the week of Dec. 5th

CCES Final BATTLE Dec. 12th or 13th

January(date not set)- Bartow County Championship Battle


Two teams will compete against each other at a time. Each team will receive a question and must answer the question with the title of the book for 5 points and the author's name for 3 points within 30 seconds.  If the team does not know the answer, the other team will have the opportunity to score points off of the same question within 10 seconds. Each team will have the opportunity to answer 8 questions each battle. The 4 teams with the most points will battle each other for the title of CCES Battle of the Books Champs.


***Click on the attachment below to download the Battle of the Books list



Battle of the Books for Jane Gasior is currently under construction. Please come back later.